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Experience has revealed eight areas that have stopped many from evolving into their best, learn what they are and ways to push past them!


This work offers more than enough information to confirm if whether or not the mentor of your choice is supporting you in ways that produces your highest level of growth!

In our effort to promote the effective concept of small study groups, each order is only available in a set of 5 books.


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Are any of these issues
a serious concern
in your life?

  • Maintaining your power to continue forward in spite of past or present challenges
  • Aligning your actions with your intentions
  • Root causes of emotions and thought processes that sabotages your efforts
  • Needing support as you experiment with new behaviors
  • Trouble finding a program with proven results to satisfy court, probation and parole or even personal stipulations.

Gary Dumas

Gary Dumas started his profession in human services several years ago for a reputable organization.  Gary Dumas has earned the right over his consistent years of program creation as a service provider that makes a positive contribution to the conversion of any community.  In the spring of 2016 Gary made the courageous decision to advance his dream further to inspire others by starting The Dumas Company Personal Development.  Since July of 2022 Gary was fortunate to bring additional value to his partners incorporating two new areas of service; 

Gary not only inspires others through innovative services but also on social media platforms. The expression that Gary uses as fuel for himself and to provoke others to make the most of each day is, 'Yesterday you said tomorrow, tomorrow is now today, so now what’s your excuse?!

Recently added: Emotional Fitness for male and female perpetrators of domestic violence:

This has been a huge learning curve for me. I never thought I’d be sitting here saying after several weeks I actually enjoyed a domestic violence class. We didn’t use that term a whole lot, but I learned so much in such a short time it’s ridiculous. I hope that everyone else can get the same experience I did, it is very much worth the time. You are a great teacher.  Thank you for being the least judgmental person I ever encountered and giving me a new fresh outlook on my life. Thank you for everything you have taught me. 

Patrick Jones - Course author

Program Menu

Starting December of 2023, we will be serving those in need of support with overcoming problem gambling

A few reviews from our partners
about our premium services!

I have known Mr. Dumas for over twenty years and in all of my interactions with Mr. Dumas, I have found him to be insightful, professional, motivating, and dedicated to the mission of serving clients through education and changing of the mindset.  Through personal observations and testimonies from our referrals, Mr. Dumas is approachable with a unique gift to reach males and females.  Mr. Dumas is sought after by clients even after graduation.  Due to his record of success, probation and parole officers speak highly of Mr. Dumas and often compliment his gift to motivate and turn negative situations around in the lives of referrals.  He is a true asset to the Missouri probation and parole.

Kim H.
Western Regional Administrator
Mr. Dumas operates with ethics and high integrity. His interpersonal skills and enthusiastic energy is infectious! Not only does he exude those qualities in all professional settings, they also translate in his personal interactions. I am always impressed by his strong communication skills and his ability to establish a comfortable rapport with others. His popularity among his professional and peer groups is testament to his good moral character, interpersonal skills, and loyalty. I am confident that Mr. Dumas’ skills and abilities would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Cicely R.
District Administrator

Gary's presentations are phenomenal and make a big impact on a very personal level. Of course, personal happiness is directly related to professional happiness. The tools provided are VERY helpful to reference in the future and appealing to all types of learning styles.

Jen S.   

The Judges are impressed!  Your work is helping those who need it most, and we are happy to have you as a partner in administrating justice in our community. Thank you.

Judge Anna L. 
Based on my observation of Gary Dumas’ work ethics, I am comfortable expressing that Gary Dumas is certainly an individual that I support when it comes to serving others in the manner of excellence. Gary truly values people of all walks of life. Gary takes his own personal growth seriously by continuing to sharpen his skills, increase the necessary education and opportunities to further develop his abilities. For these reasons, Gary is able to serve others with the highest level of competence that ensures their chances of having a life impacting encounter through his programs.

Alissia Canady, Esq

I truly appreciate the work you do and can already see the positive effects.  It really makes me happy– I think you have a unique talent for reaching people.  

Judge Courtney W.  

He is a phenomenal writer and speaker who motivates others to seek a positive change in their life.  In the past 12 years, I have watched Gary Dumas grow from employee to being the CEO and Founder of the Dumas Company.  In my experience in working with Gary Dumas over the years, he has demonstrated many great qualities and attributes to include being open, honest, responsible, dedicated and provides 100% commitment to any project he agrees to participate in from the planning stages to the final outcome.  Gary’s love for people to shine through his written work and oral presentations. 

Gail B. 
District Administrator

Noticeable outcomes reported by our participants

  • Discovered underlining causes, behaviors or beliefs that contradicted their efforts in reaching and maintaining their highest potential.
  • Overcame faulty reactions and coping patterns.   
  • Precisely identified maladaptive behaviors and changed them.  
  • Removed Replaced or Disabled discomforting unproductive emotional reactions. 
  • Strengthened their self-confidence, self-competence, and protected their inner power!   
  • Targeted their intentions and actions in ways that strengthened their personal and professional performance.
  • Presented with intentions that produced productive and noticeable outcomes.
  • Challenged themselves to bring their desired responses and behaviors under their control.
  • Experimented with new and improved behaviors that became permenant.

Here are just a few of our participants' testimonies!

Mr. Dumas' group is right on point. He presents his topics in a manner in which you can grasp right away. He is not long and drawn out but precise and right to the point. His presentation is easy to grasp and informative to the point where you can immediately apply it to your life or situation and resolve to live a better and healthier lifestyle
trina s.
There is a lot to learn from Gary Dumas. His delivery of what people need to hear is matched with a rare talent of coming across endearing, powerful, humble, and honest.  
kirk r.
Gary!! I want you to know I don’t know if it’s your energy and vocabulary or me just hungry for change but damnit man that hour made me feel better about things that’s been on my heart and mind for months!   
anthony b. 
You are incredibly well spoken and relatable, kept my attention and even opened my mind to think differently. I appreciate how you are inclusive and don’t speak down on others. I felt comfortable and well informed afterwards. My fiancé even listened in and it opened up good conversations for us.
jorden b. 

Menu of Services & Process

Evaluation questionnaire 

This questionnaire is created to give the referral source, the referred and service provider an accurate description if whether assistance with overcoming substance use is necessary. A copy of the findings will be placed in the client's file.  

Specialty Classes (one time 1.5 hour class)

A class that educates participants on how the use of any THC infused products could create or exacerbate psychological and physiological problems as a result of excessive use.      

V.I.P. Class (validate, interpersonal, performance)

Our Personal development classes will assist you with the alignment of your values and beliefs for the desires you wish to achieve through optimal positioning in life.

Emotional Fitness 

Accurately identify reasons behind dysregulated emotions – learn enemies to your emotional fitness practices and strategies to refrain from any habits or behaviors that contribute to expressions of unhealthy emotions. 


  • Contact our office at 816-492-6176
  • Clearly state your name and referral source
  • Precisely communicate the program you are to complete
  • Present your payment that corresponds with your specified program 
  • Once payment has been confirmed along with your first name, last name and email address we will submit enrollment information to you via email 
  • (NOTE) all classes are held via zoom

Life 'After' Addiction 

Learn about addictive personality behaviors while getting information on how to overcome them.       


Premium Personal Development Series

This is a specially created series on personal development for those that can appreciate a greater level of experience in personal improvement. (Special Inquiries Only)   
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